Api Plant Equipment


Api Plant Equipment


We manufacture API Plant Equipments right from the design stage to commissioning for all range of fabricated items by highly qualified Design & Fabrication Team.
  • Designing as per latest edition ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 and other National & International Design Codes
  • Preparation of detailed Fabrication Drawings and DQ
  • Material supply in all SS Series and Alloys as required
  • Meticulous fabrication by Skilled qualified works team
  • In-Process quality control as per QAP
  • Testing as per FAT Protocol
  • Supply and installation supervision


  • Selection and Design of most efficient Agitation System for required process by Qualified Chemical & Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Efficient Heat Transfer Device designs like Jacket, Limpet, Dimpled Jacket Internal coil etc.
  • Crystallizer Design as per process requirements
  • Slurry Processing Agitator Design
  • Gassing Agitator Design
  • Viscous Fluid Agitator Design
  • SS 316L Rupture Disc.
  • Automatic Back Pressure Regulator.
  • Exhaust line with Heat Exchanger & View Glass.
  • Compact Top or Bottom Drive Unit.
  • Efficient Agitation System.
  • Light & Fill port with sanitary Tri-Clamp.
  • Modular Design with a variety of options for customization.
  • Zero-Dead Leg sanitary fittings.
  • Large touch screen Interface for clear view of Process Parameters.
  • NEMA for Control Panel.
  • Control System as per GAMP Guidelines.
  • Head Plate Ports for addition of Sensors.
  • Double Mechanical Sterile Seal.
  • High Level Foam Control.


  • API Plant
  • Chemical Plant
  • Liquid Processing application

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