Vertical Drum Autoclave



Vertical Drum Autoclave

Pharmalab Vertical Drum Autoclave

With increase in awareness & importance of sterility besides the demand for compact, comprehensive and ergonomic autoclave, we at Pharmalab have designed wide range of automatic Vertical Drum Autoclave. Our vertical drum autoclave has been engineered to meet the stringent manufacturing standards, like cGMP and EN285 being followed by the Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech industries. Pharmalab believes in “Total Quality” and “Total Customer Satisfaction”, hence manufacturing is in accordance ISO 9001 guidelines. Equipment are supplied with exhaustive documentation (including DQ,OQ, IQ), which enables customer to meet the above standards.

Certification, Guideline & Standards

  • Pharmalab Quality system Approved by ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality Management System.
  • ISO-13485:2016 Quality Systems for Medical Devices.
  • The design and construction to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).
  • Design and Construction as per ASME code.
  • Authorized to use “U” and “R” stamp. ‘U’ Stamp certified system can be provided on request.
  • CE certified (PED-2014/68/EU) system can be provided on request.


Vertical Autoclaves have a wide range of applications. It can be used in Hospitals, Pathology labs, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Academic Institutions etc. Typical application is sterilization of:
  • Surgical instruments, glassware, tubes and pipette tips
  • Solution in Glass container like ampoule, vials and bottles
  • Culture and stock of infectious material
  • Media and solutions, waste

Vertical Autoclaves Operates Different Sterilization Cycle

Typical standard cycles
  • Gravity Cycle
  • Slow Exhaust (Liquid, Media & Medical Waste)
  • Fast Exhaust (Empty Glassware and Instruments)
  • Fast Sterilization Cycle 134°C
Optional Cycle
  • HPHV Cycle
  • Bowie & Dick Cycle
  • Leak Test Cycle

Special Features

  • Automatic Sterilizer, validated as per EN 285 and standard EN 17665-1 (Moist heat sterilization of healthcare products), European norms.
  • All Contact parts are high quality stainless steel SS316L. Non-Contact parts (with steam) and piping system along with valves are SS304.
  • In-built Steam Generator.
  • Compact Design with minimal footprint.
  • PLC controlled system with HMI
  • User friendly operation with one touch selection for pre-configured cycles.
  • Real time Cycle print for each cycle on dot matrix printer
  • Print available for cycle steps and necessary parameter such as Temperature, Pressure, Time including F0 value.
  • Complete documentation

Optional Features

  • Vacuum pump (water ring type) and Feed pump can be supplied as optional
  • Control system as per 21CFR part 11
  • Fast heating cycle
  • Loading Accessories
  • Fast Cooling Cycle

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