Rubber Stopper (BUNG) Processor Cum Sterilizer



Rubber Stopper (bung) Processor Cum Sterilizer

Rubber Stoppers (Bungs) are mainly used in stoppering vials and it is necessary tosterilize these as they are in direct contact with the product.Though the trend of using pre-sterilized bungs from the market is still prevalent, their viability is still a question, owing to the various handling & transportation issues leading to questions on sterility.
Pharmalab’s unique Bung Processor along with a sterilizer enables customers to reap benefits of ‘twin processes’ from single machine.The bungs are loaded into a ‘drum’ and later placed into the sterilizer. The entire operation is done via PLC wherein the pre-set program determines the wash sequence (Eg. Detergent Wash, WFI Wash & Silicon Treatment) followed by a final sterilization using HPHV cycle.This ensures complete sterility for the bungs.These bungs can later be unloaded in “sterile pouches/bags” and transferred to the filling room, usually under laminar air flow conditions.
Keeping ‘ease of operation’ in view, Pharmalab has designed a unique ‘drum’ that has the capability for auto unloading of the bungs, which eliminates the intermediate ‘handling’ of bungs.Also, with Pharmalab’s expertise you can look forward to special feature like preservative & Hot Air treatment with HEPA Filters for enhanced results.
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