Ventilator Sterilizer – Air and Steam Mixture



Ventilator Sterilizer – Air and Steam Mixture

Terminal Sterilization

Air & steam mixture (Ventilator) terminal sterilizer is an efficient method for terminal sterilization of large volume parental in plastic pouches, solutions in open or semi closed containers, glass containers, vials or ampoules, contact lenses in blisters, pre-filled syringes etc. The key feature of this method is that the product is completely dry after sterilization.
The load is introduced on appropriate carriages and trays into the chamber, followed by allowing steam to enter the chamber through a perforated conduit located at the top. One or more fans (blowers) are located on the sealing of the chamber. The depth of the chamber would decide the number of fans required. The blowers help in circulation of steam and rapid homogenization of air (already present in the chamber) with steam. The system provides uniform heating of the load. Counter balance of pressure in the container is achieved by introducing filtered air into the chamber system. After the sterilization phase, the product goes through a cooling phase. The finned tube heat exchangers mounted on the side-walls of the chamber carry chilled water allowing the product temperature to decrease. At the end of the process the product is sterile, cool and dry.



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