The Metenova magnetic mixers offer a state of the art patented mixing solution for applications throughout the process line. The excellent aseptic design, materials complying with FDA regulations combined with the benefits of the new and innovative bearing design makes it perfect for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


Modern management of Rattiinox is orientated towards delivering services and products able to satisfy Customers requirements as concern aseptic processes and high purity technologies by designing with dedicated equipment, devices, and systems. Rattiinox aims to satisfy the customer by providing a mix of products and services geared towards high quality production, in full respect of the aseptic systems and regulations.


Dedicated to protecting the lives of your people and safeguarding your critical processes and equipment, Elfab is a leading provider of pressure management solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions with a core focus on heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling technologies. Supplies products that meet common industrial processes, as well as food and pharmaceutical industry regulations where safety and hygiene are emphasized. Includes the product groups of Hygienic Fluid Handling Equipment and Hygienic Heat Exchangers in Pharma, Biotechnology, Home, and Personal Care Industries.


Pharmalab India Pvt. Ltd is a leading Engineering Company, with a reputation for designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning a variety of fabricated stainless-steel process and packaging equipment. The range manufactured here includes WFI, Sterilizers, Washers, Disinfectors, Isolators and Freeze Dryers.


Founded in 1947, Gansons is one of the world’s bests solid process equipment manufacturers (granulation, coating, mixing, particle sizing, packaging) with the industrial innovation.


Intelligen is a high technology company that develops and markets software tools for simulation, computer-aided process design, capacity analysis, production scheduling, debottlenecking, environmental impact assessment, and project economic evaluation. Intelligen’s software tools serve the process manufacturing industries (biotech, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, and food and consumer goods industrie).

Max Müller

MAX MÜLLER has specialised in the field of lighting out process equipment and of supplying components for the visual observation of chemical and physical reactions inside of stirred vessels, dryers, mixers, columns, reactors, tanks, etc. MAX MÜLLER products are successfully used throughout the world in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as in the fields of food processing, environmental protection, textile dyeing and their components and equipment suppliers.


Biostream is a manufacturer of bioreactors in the food, biobased fermentation, algae and cell culture field. In the area of photo bioreactors, they have developed and produced bioreactors for different kinds of microalgae and phototrophic bacteria. Also producing equipment for pre-treatment, hydrolyses in combination with fermentation in the biobased field.

HLE Glascoat

HLE Glascoat is market leaders in Filtration and Drying Equipment and are a leading manufacturer of Glass Lined Equipment globally. They have been manufacturing a wide range of chemical processing equipment in an equally wide range of materials for some of the most demanding applications.


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