Type CG​


Type CG

The Alfa Laval Type CG access tank covers are circular glass manway covers that provide a secure fit for openings of stainless-steel tanks or containers used across a broad range of hygienic applications, including those in the wine, brewery, beverages, dairy and food industries. Designed to fit above the liquid level, they can be used as an inspection port or a closable means of access to the vessel interior for personnel. This makes visual and/or physical inspection easy, quick and convenient.

Part of the broad Alfa Laval portfolio of access tank covers, the circular Alfa Laval Type CG manway covers feature a glass lid made of thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. A sound choice for tank inspection and access in hygienic applications across the food, beverage and brewery industries, the tank cover provides clear, continuous, and unobstructed visibility of processes or products in tanks or vessels. This provides the means for early detection and response that can help prevent costly downtime. What’s more, the Type CG tank covers are quick and easy to install, easily withstand pressure and force, and provide quick, easy, and convenient entry and access to tank interiors.


  • Secure fit onto the openings of non-pressure tanks above the liquid level (CG) and of up to 1 bar pressure tanks (CG-LP)
  • Makes visual and/or physical inspection of the tank interior easy and convenient
  • Hygienic design with Ra <0.8 surface finish
  • Compliance with 3-A Sanitary Standards and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Declaration of Conformity
  • Outward-opening lid with protective pin to prevent damage to the tank wall and safely keep the lid open
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