Hygienic Fittings​


Hygienic Fittings

For a contaminant-free connection of your hygienic and high-purity processing systems, trust Alfa Laval’s hygienic fittings. All stainless-steel components meet the most stringent requirements for surface quality, microbial and corrosion resistance, high cleanability, material strength, uniform thickness, and crevice-free welding. This ensures uptime, safety, reliability and efficiency for duties across the dairy, food, beverage, home & personal care, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Safeguard process integrity and process quality with hygienic fittings for optimal safety, reliability and efficiency

  • Easy-to-clean hygienic fittings with internal surface finishes for hygienic and high-purity applications
  • Minimized risk of dead legs and microbial contamination due to crevice-free welds
  • Compliance with global hygienic standards, including ISO 2037, ASME and ASME BPE dimensions, EN 10357-A, and BS 4825
  • Easy online access to digitized material certificates through the Alfa Laval FindMyCert software tool
  • Easy access to spare parts availability through real-time inventory alerts at Alfa Laval global distribution centres
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