Shutter Valves


Shutter Valves

Alfa Laval shutter valves are hygienic three-way valves that divert the flow of products that are highly viscous, contain large particles, or have strict requirements on minimizing pressure loss. Compact, reliable and pressure-shock resistant, these valves can be operated in manual or automatic (pneumatic) mode. They are engineered for use across the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries with high requirements for process and product hygiene.
Get more uptime using Alfa Laval shutter valves to route your viscous liquids and liquids containing particles with minimal pressure losses – easily and conveniently. Engineered for ease of routing, high hygiene, low maintenance and safe operation, these valves meet the demands of easy passage of fluids through the hygienic processing systems as well as easy, convenient and thorough Cleaning-in-Place.

Simple, Straightforward Inline Three-Way Valves That Easily Divert Fluids That Are Highly Viscous, Contain Particles, or Require Minimal Pressure Loss

  • Low flow restriction enables viscous liquids and liquid containing particles to flow easily through the valves.
  • Simple, straightforward and hygienic design easily integrates into various pipelines and systems.
  • Long-lasting, easy operation and maintenance due to few quality components and moving parts.
  • Easy, three-way routing of products when used with either manual handles or flexible, easy-to-select pneumatic actuators.
  • Compact, convenient, space-saving three-way valves.
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