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Gansons Nauta Processor

As one of only three global official licensees of Nautamix B.V. (Holland), Gansons has been manufacturing Nauta Processors for over 40 years. With over 1000 Nauta Mixers / Processors sold, we have developed vast knowledge and experience across the broad range of applications that this machine can easily execute.

Quick Facts

The Nauta Conical Screw Mixer / Processor is legendary for its brilliant engineering that successfully achieves intimate blending of powders or pastes in a short mixing time. Despite its long history, the Nauta’s measured superiority makes it an outstanding performer in current processing environments.

With our knowledge, experience, quality, and outstanding customer service, Gansons is the best choice for your next Nauta Conical Screw Mixer / Processor.

Product Overview

Uniquely engineered sampling device enabling product samples to be taken even when the vessel is under full vacuum conditions.

For the elimination of agglomerates and lumps which can occur in certain phases of a process, a lump breaker can be incorporate to avoid formation of the same.

For addition of liquids to powders or moistening of dry solids with fragrance or flavors or binder addition, spray nozzles can be installed inside the vessel. The liquid is fed to the nozzle through the hollow shaft of the drive assembly for direct spraying on to the surface of the product.

A bacteriologically clean vessel can be obtained when W.I.P cleaning systems are used for the internal cleaning of the vessel. Available are spray balls fitted into the top cover of the vessel.
Screw agitator begins axially rotating and loosens batch material before its orbiting motion starts. The design feature prevents stalling and permits starting under full load in the event of power failure.
Mixes partial or full capacity batches equally well, with no reduction in mixing efficiency.
The unique cone design provides ensure gravity unloading, gives cleaner, faster batch discharges.
Contamination-proof construction provides fully product protection. Its unique obstruction –free cone shaped design makes thorough cleaning quick and easy.
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