Butterfly Valves


Butterfly Valves

Alfa Laval butterfly valves are high-performance shut-off valves for use in stainless steel pipe systems of hygienic and high-purity process applications. Its substantial opening area and low flow resistance ensure easy passage of low- to medium-viscosity liquids or liquids containing solids through the valve. This boosts productivity whilst minimizing the use of energy. Perfect for use across the food, beverage, home-personal care, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Simplify routing of food-grade, hygienic and high-purity process fluids with reliable, cost-effective Alfa Laval butterfly valves. Choose standard, hygienic, high-purity, ATEX, or special flange version for easy removal of the valve body without dismantling further piping setups.

For manual operation, the valves come with handles available in different configurations and optional position indication units. For automated operation, pneumatic actuators are available in different configurations. Across all applications, actuators can be combined with intelligent valve control units that have auto setup capabilities.
Easy to configure and easy to upgrade, Alfa Laval butterfly valves contribute to high plant performance and high product quality.

Maximize Uptime And Product Quality With Versatile, Modular, High-Performance Shut-Off Butterfly Valves

  • Minimized flow obstruction enables easy passage of process fluids, including fluids with concentrations of particles, through the valves.
  • Low flow resistance for easy passage of liquids with varying levels of viscosity, thereby reducing the energy used to move the fluid through the valve.
  • Fully modular, interchangeable range to suit any process line requirement, making selection, inline installation, operation, and maintenance easy.
  • Fast, economical maintenance requires no special tools, only wear part replacement of a single component, flange version even easier and faster.
  • Optional intelligent sensing and control units with quick auto setup function, providing perfect valve control.

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