Rotary Jet Heads


Rotary Jet Heads

Improve process efficiency, productivity, and end-product quality with exceptional cleanability of your process tanks. Alfa Laval rotary jet head tank cleaning machines prevent the risk of contamination across dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Choose between two series of tank cleaning machines: hygienic process models and industrial process models.

Ensure process and product safety with 100% clean tanks. Alfa Laval rotary jet heads deliver faster cleaning times and sustainable savings from reduced water and cleaning media consumption. Choose from a broad rotary jet head portfolio for cleaning tank capacities from 200 litres up to 500,000 litres and beyond. Then customize these tank cleaning machines with options to meet your exact tank cleaning requirements.


  • Robust design
  • Save time, water and cleaning media
  • Enhance safe working conditions using automated cleaning with no man-entry required
  • Safeguard process integrity and product quality with proven cleaning validation for hygienic processes
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