Tri-Clover UltraPure ASME BPE Tubes


Tri-Clover UltraPure ASME BPE Tubes

Alfa Laval Tri-Clover UltraPure ASME BPE range includes a comprehensive selection of tubes and fittings of varying dimensions and executions all compliant with ASME BPE standards. Made for safe and easy installation, its high quality and good weldability meet the standards of biopharmaceutical industries.

Tubes & fittings account for 90% of product contact surfaces in a typical pharma application – ensure quality with Tri-Clover UltraPure ASME BPE

  • Very low contamination risk ¬– consistent, easy to clean internal surface finishes (electro or mechanically polished) with Ra of < 0.4 – 0.8μ
  • Easy and safe installation – secure, self-aligning joints and smooth, crevice-free, corrosion-resistant interiors for guaranteed hygiene
  • Reliability minimizes risk – incoming and outgoing raw material/product quality control and close monitoring of manufacturing process
  • Integrity secured – tubes from the same material supplier ensure uniformity, high quality welds and assured chemical composition and passivity state
  • Versatile – selection of tubes, bends, unions, clamps, reducers available in a range of surface finishes and dimensions
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