Static Spray Ball


Static Spray Ball

Static Spray Ball - LKRK

The Alfa Laval LKRK static spray ball is a tank cleaning machine for low-impact cleaning duties at low pressures. This spray ball releases cleaning media in a pre-defined pattern onto the tank interior, and a free-falling film flushes residues from the walls. It is a cost-effective choice for cleaning a broad range of products.

Remove simple residuals from various tanks, such as storage, mixing and cleaning-in-place (CIP) tanks with Alfa Laval LKRK static spray ball. The cleaning media forms a free-falling film that creates the necessary cleaning action to clear the tank surfaces of product residues. The LKRK has a solid track record of proven performance in various hygienic and industrial applications, such as dairy, beverage and food.

Straightforward, economical tank cleaning for low-impact duties

  • Cost-effective tank cleaning for straightforward duties, such as storage and mixing tank cleaning.
  • Easy to install, operate, inspect and maintain due to no moving parts.
  • Secure up-time and reliable operation.
  • Versatile and future-proof with quick upgrades with dynamic tank cleaning technology.
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