Pharmaceutical Washer


GMP Washer

Pharmaceutical Washer

Cleaning is one of the standard practices, but most critical process in Pharmaceutical manufacturing. Today, majority of pharmaceutical processing is carried out in batch mode. Hence, cleaning becomes inevitable between the batches to ensure the product in the subsequent batch is not contaminated. Cleaning is critical in Bio-pharmaceutical process as it may directly affect product quality and increase the risk of batch failure. These days, cleaning validation is as important as the production process validation. The stringent regulatory requirement and increasingly competitive market likewise demands an efficient and regulatory accepted cleaning facility.

Pharmalab being a technology-driven company, has developed a Pharmaceutical Washer based on the latest advancements in washing technology. The aim is to help customer improve the efficiency of their washing operation with validated results. The Pharmalab washer is designed to provide effective washing and drying for a wide range of components such as containers, vessels, glassware, and other parts used in pharmaceutical processing. The equipment has multiple pre-configured cycles for various loads enabling the user to carry out the operation automatically at the touch of a button. The Washer is designed to achieve maximum cleaning efficacy complying with cGMP guidelines. The unit is built considering operator and equipment safety aspects.


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