Diverting Valves



Diverting Valves

Diverting Valves for SAFE areas is a body offering two opposite valves with zero dead leg common port, are designed for fluids or gases deviation. Two diverting valves connected from center pipe gives “block and bleed unit” with Zero dead leg. Body shape and their internal design offer a very reliable component for Aseptic Processing Application. Standard version are short butt weld ends but, on demand, may be delivered for orbital welding or with Tri-Clamp connections. Available on several configurations to fulfill customer needs on all applications: 90° and 180° design, for vertical installations with coaxial outlets or for horizontal installations with tangential outlets reaching a full drainability. Customized design with additional connections, for saving pipes or unused portions, on demand.

E 005

Diverting Valve 180 Parallel Outlet

E 010

Diverting Valve 180 Parallel & Tang. Outlet

E 015

Diverting Valve 90 Opposite Outlet (Up-Right)

E 017

Diverting Valve 90 Opposite Outlet (Up-Left)

E 020

Diverting Valve 90 Opposite & Tang. Outlet (Up-Right)

E 022

Diverting Valve 90 Opposite & Tang. Outlet (Up-Left)

E 025

Diverting Valve 90 Parallel Outlet

E 030

Diverting Valve 90 Parallel & Tang. Outlet
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