Crystallizer reactors shipped to Canada

15L Crystallizers & CIP Skids were designed and manufactured for our client in Canada. Exeptional quality has been achieved.

Fabrication of Modules for this project was executed by our facility in Sakarya, Turkey. EMA Engineering and Sakarya facility project personnel monitored the overall quality and commercial performance for the project. All welding, assembly and piping were completed at Sakarya facility under the direction of EMA Engineering, quality personnel and the Project Manager.

Three 316 SS, agitated vessels were designed and manufactured with its own heat transfer units. Agitators are constructed as paddle type shown in the reactor sketch. Agitator speed reduced to 25rpm. Each reactor has adjustable relief valve, sight glass, ex-proof motor, light and thermocouple for internal and jacket temperature measurement. Each crystallizer equipped with two ports for spray balls.

CIP vessel has 400 rpm agitator. Heat transfer system will consist of ex-proof heat transfer circulation pump, Brazed Heat Exchanger, Ex-proof electrical heater, relief valve, temperature expansion tank and cooling control valve.  Each reactor including CIP tank are mounted on SS skid, on the wheels as shown at the sketch.


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