Washer Disinfetor


Washer Disinfector

The Pharmalab Advantage

  • cGMP and Hygienic design to meet all hospital needs
  • Optimized processes for a complete wash:
  • A powerful washing system with a unique spray arm design to ensure effective spray pressure and a sweeping spray pattern
  • Efficient detergent usage – the powerful washing reduces the reliance on chemicals to achieve required results
  • A three tank arrangement to perform multiple activities simultaneously reducing the cycle time
  • Turbulent air drying to help achieve better and quicker drying
  • Fully automatic system with customizable cycle option and automatic detergent dozing provides for an easy validated operation
  • The washer complies with the medical device directive 93/42/EEC, EN 15883-1 and EN-15883-2, HTM 20130 and the medical devices quality management systems requirements for regulatory purposes ISO 13485
Control System Keeping It Simple
Fully Automatic
Pharmalab’s Washer Disinfector is operated through a PLC ensuring the complete process is automatically operated and controlled. The operation of the cycle is done through the easy to use coloured touch screen MMI. These features not only make the washer extremely easy to use but also reduce the chances of human error considerably.
The Washers inbuilt logic controls the temperature and time of the cycle based on the A0 value to be achieved, ensuring the cycle complies with the required EN 15883-1 and 15883-2 guidelines.
The inbuilt printer records and prints the summary of the cycle displaying all the required parameters including the A0 value reached.

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