Reverse Osmosis Plant With EDI



Reverse Osmosis Plant With EDI

We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install, Commission and Validate the purified water generation, storage and distribution systems. Careful Engineering design for storage and distribution system ensures the quality of purified water as per USP norms.

Our system design complies with cGMP norms and ASME guidelines.

  • 100% drainability
  • Electropolished Mirror finish to < 0.5 Microns RA for all internal surfaces of Vessel & Pipes
  • Velocity control at required level to avoid bio-film formation
  • Sanitization/Sterilization facilities with inbuilt CIP/SIP Units
  • Orbital SS Pipe Welding & Boroscopy of weld joints
  • As Built Piping drawing with weld map details
  • Erection and commissioning at site
  • Assisting site validation activities


  • PO/WFI Aseptic Storage Tank with required Accessories & Instrumentation
  • SS Distribution Skid with Aseptic distribution Pump, Heat Exchangers, etc.
  • The distribution pipes are of SS 316L and the system design ensures Zero Dead Leg
  • SS Control Skid with Automation
  • CIP/SIP Facility for Tank, Pump & Piping
  • SS Pendants
  • Aseptic point of use Heat exchanger for cooling or heating
  • DQ, IQ & OQ Qualification Documentation


  • High pure water for pharma and Bio-Tech industries

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