Integrated Granulation Suite


Integrated Granulation Suite

Clients face the challenge of increasing production while managing risk, reducing costs and complying with statutory requirements. However, using a battery of equipment, the traditional wet granulation process is slow, expensive and plagued by variable results and human errors. We believe integration is better than aggregation – a holistic solution is smarter than having uncoordinated equipment.

The Gansons Integrated Granulation Suite is built around best-in-class equipment and further optimized to deliver higher outputs of high quality granules.

The Force Multiplier

  • Compact granulation suite with optimum footprint
  • Closed transfer of materials ensures minimal operator exposure
  • Centralized automation platform drives reproducible results
  • Reduced human intervention means fewer mistakes, delays
  • Ease of cleaning, leads to shorter changeover times
  • Manufacturing continuum

Product Overview

  • Fewer resources required
  • Fewer problems
  • Lower operator exposure
  • Closed transfer lowers contamination risk
  • Less variability in process time
  • Better asset utilization,
  • Lower infrastructure requirement
    and energy consumption
  • Fewer human errors
  • Scale up from R&D to manufacturing level
  • Eliminated need for multiple vendor service
    visits-single point accountability
  • Lower risk of downtime
  • WIP arrangements
  • Fastest Changeover

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