Fluid Bed Processing Equipment


Fluid Bed Processing Equipment

Gansons Fluidized Bed Equipment is conceived, designed and built to remain reference standards. As with all our products, the Fluidized Bed Equipment incorporates the finest in contemporary skills, materials and technologies.

Quick Facts

The residence time of process air moving vertically is lesser than when moving upwards gradually in a spiral motion. This is the basis for the new generation Cyklon™ air distribution plate.

The Cyklon™ air distribution plate consists of concentric, overlapping, solid rings of progressively lesser diameters placed one above the other. The plate provides a cyclonic movement to the particulate matter being treated and can be incorporated into the process chamber of a fluidized bed dryer of any capacity.

  • Cyklon™ offers 60%* reduction in drying time and 50%* savings in utilities
  • Longer particle flow paths – increased drying efficiency with spiral air flow
  • Inter-particulate abrasion greatly reduced
  • No rat-holing in product bed even with less product loading
  • Easy to clean

* These results are based on trials conducted in our laboratory under ambient conditions. Results may vary depending on the process, product and environmental conditions.

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